May 16, 2013

Simple Plates #21

baked sweet potato fries, mayo-free coleslaw with cranberries and herbs, hard boiled egg with dijon mustard
Every time I make this coleslaw, Darwin likes it a little better. He even asked for it for dinner, days after we finished the batch from this photo.

steamed spinach, avocado, baked chicken, fresh mango and pineapple

avocado, colby-jack cheese, cucumber slices, steamed carrot coins

rajma with whole plan yogurt over brown rice
Rajma, a red kidney bean curry, is one of our top two or three favorite Indian meals. I make slight modifications to this nearly-perfect recipe from the Smitten Kitchen.

roasted cabbage, chicken, carrot coins, avocado, kidney beans

radish and pea pods, mushroom/spinach quiche, pear slices 

chicken, pea pods with yogurt dip, mango, kidney beans

lentil stew, whole plain yogurt, soaked raisins, avocado
When I decided I needed a lentil stew in my recipe collection, this was the first one I loved. I got it out of a strange little cookbook/diet book based on the lifestyle of Seventh Day Adventists (which I sold at a yard sale last year, but not before photocopying the recipe.)  I make some modifications: I soak the lentils first, and cook them together with the rice (for a total of about 40 minutes, veggies added halfway through); I use fresh garlic instead of powdered; and I use homemade chicken stock instead of water, when I have it.

radish, pea pods, carrot sticks, mushroom/spinach quiche, pear slices

on the big-kid swing

crispy broiled kale, strawberries, avocado, lentil stew

blueberry-banana oats, broccoli with butter

avocado, steamed sweet potato chunks, strawberries

lentil stew, cucumber/radish salad, orange pieces, whole plain yogurt
See the radish "mushroom"? ;)

garlicky curly kale, real food macaroni and cheese, baked sweet potato

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