May 3, 2013

Simple Plates #19

cottage cheese pancakes with berries and apple, steamed broccoli

kidney beans and carrots, avocado

grapes, peanut butter on sprouted grain toast, garlicky bell pepper spinach

whole plan yogurt with fresh strawberries, grass-fed beef chili, whole rye cracker, baked sweet potato

curried spinach and sweet potato stir-fry, clementine pieces, grapes, avocado, buttered whole rye cracker

whole wheat pasta with fresh tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and turkey-veggie meatballs; garlicky kale; strawberries

clementine pieces, cheese omelet with herbs, sprouted grain toast, fresh steamed carrots

tropical strawberry snack, broiled asparagus, whole plain yogurt, lentil stew

clementine pieces; egg scramble with tomato, spinach and feta; whole wheat crackers

garbanzo beans, pear, whole plain yogurt, fresh steamed carrots, broiled asparagus

homemade hummus, baked sweet potato, apple slices

This hummus recipe uses the genius technique of pureeing the chickpeas when they're still warm, before the skins have toughened.

fresh steamed green beans, garlicky collard greens, clementine pieces, cream cheese sandwich on sprouted grain toast

smoothie of frozen banana, strawberries, blueberries, whole plain yogurt, kale, collard greens, and hemp seeds
Darwin is enduring a week of painful teething, and has been rejecting foods that require too much chewing. This smoothie was his easy-on-the-teeth breakfast one morning.

coconut-crusted sweet potato rounds, apple slices, avocado, peanut butter on sprouted grain toast
This is such a fun, dessert-like way to serve sweet potatoes (even with unsweetened coconut, as pictured.) Slice a baked sweet potato into rounds (cold from the fridge is fine), then press the rounds in shredded coconut and pop them into the toaster oven.

fresh green beans, brown rice with roasted vegetables, clementine pieces, baked chicken

uncured bacon; bananas, frozen blueberries, and fresh-frozen strawberries; steamed broccoli; whole plain yogurt
Darwin's first bacon! Uncured, nitrate-free, and humanely raised. He wasn't really sure about it.

cucumber/radish salad with balsamic vinaigrette, veggie quiche, grapes, whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce
I made the quiche crust right in the pie pan, by mixing whole wheat flour and melted butter with my hands, and pressing it up the sides. So easy!

strawberries, whole plain yogurt, cucumber salad, lentil stew

apple slices, toasted cheese on whole wheat pita, garlicky curly kale

lentil stew, clementine pieces, Spanish olives

strawberry, braised collards, cucumber/radish salad with feta cheese, mini baked salmon burgers

cheese omelet with parsley, cucumber, fresh carrots, tropical strawberry snack

apple slices, cream cheese/strawberry sandwich on sprouted grain toast, vegetable stew with collards and sweet potatoes
I'm in love with this stew, from Nava Atlas' wonderful new cookbook, Wild About Greens.

chickpea curry with whole plain yogurt, garlicky collard greens, clementine pieces


  1. So many beautiful plates! I'm glad that you liked the humms - I hope it was as smooth as you wanted. I'd love your recipe for chickpea curry. I added some chickpeas to a chicken curry last time I made a big batch of chickpeas (for my hummus!) but I don't have a chickpea curry recipe. As for the bacon, it might just take a while. I remember the first time Lydia had bacon, though. She was not a good eater, especially with meat, but her eyes became so wide when she smelled bacon for the first time. We also use organic, nitrate-free bacon and it is so good. I made a chicken, green bean and bacon dish this week that we all really enjoyed.

    1. Yes, the hummus was awesome! I didn't get it quite as smooth as I would have liked, because I used my Blendtec instead of a food processor, and my blender blade has been sticking lately (rust?)

      One of my favorite chickpea curries is the chana masala from Smitten Kitchen: . It's a little time consuming; I have another delicious recipe in a book that I'll try to share sometime. :)