May 24, 2013

Simple Plates #23

If you follow my facebook page, you'll recognize some of this week's farmers' market goodies on these plates. The little yellow cherry tomatoes are shockingly sweet and delicious, like juicy candy. 'Tis the season to quit buying supermarket tomatoes. Enjoy the pictures, and have a lovely weekend!
cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, micro greens, cantaloupe pieces
strawberries, split pea soup, bell pepper salad with homemade vinaigrette, whole plain yogurt
I don't think it's possible to mess up a pea soup. They're always delicious! This one has carrots, celery, onions, parsley, basil, and thyme.

spinach, toasted cheese on sprouted grain toast, steamed sweet potato chunks, Bosc pear slices

broccoli, banana-berry quinoa with drizzled coconut butter

radish, scrambled eggs with spinach and gouda, Bosc pear slices

beautiful little harvest
We've been growing our own micro-greens recently. Have you heart about the amazing shot of vitamins in these tiny leaves? They're tender and perfect for toddlers, who aren't likely to eat salad greens in large quantities. Darwin calls them "baby salads" and gobbles them up!

cherry tomatoes, turkey-veggie burger, microgreens, steamed sweet potatoes, curried lentils and brown rice

snap peas, deviled egg, cherry tomatoes

microgreens, pumpkin-almond cookies, watermelon, radish, snap peas, whole grain crackers, sweet potato stars
I set out these snacks for a play date with a gluten-free friend. The cookies are made from almond flour with dates and banana as sweeteners, and the crackers are store-bought, Mary's Gone Crackers brand.

ooo, microgreens

whole plain yogurt, easy dal with garbanzo beans and carrots, garlicky curly kale, cantaloupe 

curried lentils and brown rice, sweet potato chunks, whole plain yogurt, fresh green beans, apple slices

farmer's market haul

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