April 9, 2013

Simple Plates #15

clementine pieces, baked mini salmon burgers, avocado, fresh steamed sweet potato
broccoli with coconut butter, fresh carrots, whole wheat, fruit-sweetened banana-nut muffin

cream cheese and tomato sandwich on sprouted grain toast, garlicky greens, clementine pieces

garlicky rappini, real food macaroni and cheese with carrots, pear slices

It's so easy to throw a chopped carrot into the pot with boiling pasta! Also, Darwin eats rappini now.

steamed carrots, baked mini salmon burgers

steamed broccoli with butter, banana-berry steel-cut oats

spring vegetable stew with fennel, asparagus, peas, carrots, tomatoes, and shallots
This was a delicious, beautiful stew we enjoyed with friends. The recipe comes from my favorite cookbook, Jack Bishop's Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook.

egg scramble with spinach, tomato, and grated parmesan

steamed carrots with parsley, apple slices, peanut butter/raisin sandwich on sprouted grain toast
I packed this meal in the Eco Lunchbox to bring along on a play date.

real food macaroni and cheese, pear chunk, steamed spinach with coconut oil

mango and clementine pieces, broiled asparagus, sweet potato and black bean chili
I love this simple chili recipe from Eating Well, that a friend shared with me. I used dried beans cooked a day ahead in the pressure cooker, in place of canned beans.

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