April 15, 2013

Simple Plates #16

baked chili sweet potato fries, peas and corn with butter, clementine pieces
Not all frozen veggies are created equal. Starchier veggies like peas, corn, and limas hold up best during freezing; vegetables with a higher water content, like green beans or broccoli, turn mushy and tasteless when they defrost, so fresh is really best. Forgoing "medleys" in favor of separately packaged frozen veggies preserves their individual flavors. Plus, it's fun to mix them up yourself!

steamed broccoli with butter, whole wheat, fruit-sweetened banana nut muffin, clementine pieces

fresh mango, sweet potato and black bean chili, avocado, roasted cabbage

avocado, peas, clementine pieces, broiled asparagus, peanut butter on whole rye cracker

egg scramble with spinach, tomato, and cheese; kiwi half

Moroccan red lentils, turkey-veggie meatball, raisins, green salad with avocado
These very tasty Moroccan red lentils fed us for three days. I made them on the stove instead of the slow cooker, and threw in the herbs at the last minute, so they stayed super zesty-fresh.

whole wheat noodles, baked sweet potato chunk, egg scramble with spinach and cheese, kiwi half 

avocado; clementine pieces; collard greens, onions, and Swiss melt on whole wheat pita

medjool date, broiled asparagus, cucumber slices, turkey-veggie meatball, Moroccan red lentils

pear slices, crispy broiled kale chips, peanut butter on whole rye cracker, fresh steamed carrots

asparagus and fresh Parmesan"skillet-quiche," Moroccan red lentils, clementine pieces

apple slices, turkey-veggie meatballs, broiled asparagus, steamed carrots

leftover cheese omelet, steamed broccoli with coconut oil, berry-banana oats

quick chickpea curry, freeze-dried mandarin orange pieces
I made this curry--oops!--too spicy for Darwin. The freeze-dried orange pieces are a treat from TJ's.

scrambled egg, steamed asparagus, fresh blueberries

radish slices, kiwi half, Swiss cheese, buttery cabbage, garbanzo beans
Darwin's "smile-for-the-camera" smile

mushroom, onion, bell pepper and Swiss melt on whole wheat pitas, fresh steamed carrots, apple slices

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