April 1, 2013

Easter Treats

I like buying things second-hand. I like the treasure-hunt thrill of it, and I like rescuing objects that other people have stopped caring about. I like treading quietly on the earth's resources, and removing myself from the consumer fray. (I'm about as interested in cheap, junky objects as I am in cheap, junky food. I do, however, sometimes indulge in junky objects if they come from thrift stores. See "Zoobles".)

Darwin's Easter baskets (OK, the two I've made so far) are entirely second-hand, save the food. I'd guess I spent about three dollars on all the "stuff" in this year's haul--the basket, filler, eggs, and toys--and about eight dollars on the food. Hi, priorities.

Here's what kiddo got this year: a stuffed bunny, a toddler "brain quest" deck, organic olives, a Thunderbird bar (nuts, fruits, and vegetables), a clementine, a little wooden maraca, a bunny sticker (thank you, Grandma Heath), dried cherries, and two "Zoobles".

I googled to find out what these funny plastic things are called. Darwin fell in love with them right away, with their odd little eyeballs that open and close. "Awake, asleep, awake, asleep," he says.

Easter wouldn't be complete without a little chocolate. We had these truffle eggs, which I wrote about on Kid Can Eat!'s facebook page.
chocolate coconut truffle eggs

Darwin followed a long trail of clues to get to his basket. The first thing in it to captivate him?
"Orange! A little orange!"
Happy (belated) Easter and Happy (very much on time) Spring to you and yours. What did you put in your kids' baskets this year?


  1. My favorite bar and olives?? Wow, I want to have you as a mommy! ;)

    1. Haha! I'm excited to try the Thunderbird bar--if Darwin will share, of course. I remember you posting about them before. Our local grocer just started carrying them. The ingredients are great!