March 22, 2013

Real Groceries

kid food
Cooking real food three times a day (at least) restores many rituals and rhythms that used to be part of regular life before convenience food arrived.

Here's one: going to the grocery store (or farmers' market) every day, to buy a little of this or that to make dinner.

Years ago when I lived in San Diego, I blushed when a cashier bid me farewell with "see you tomorrow!"

Now I'm at peace with my grocery habit. I don't buy shoes, or expensive jeans, or computer gadgets...

Polishing off the last head of broccoli is usually what compels me back to the store.

What last bite compels you?

1 comment:

  1. I think if I lived very close to my favorite store or to a farmer's market, I would do this, but I do one big shop a week. I have to say that the things we run out of first are: fruit and milk. I think I would prefer to shop like you do because it would be more efficient - less waste of produce because you don't over or under buy.