March 31, 2013

Simple Plates #13, New Eco Lunchbox

broiled carrots and asparagus, real food mac and cheese
We are happy to have some spring vegetables, lately.

spinach and cheese skillet-quiche, baked sweet potato, rye cracker with butter

frozen peas, Swiss cheese slices

whole wheat mini kale and swiss melts, apple slices

whole wheat pasta with simple peanut sauce and celery, fresh carrots, kiwi
At it's simplest, Asian-style peanut sauce can be a dollop of peanut butter stirred with a splash of soy sauce. Add grated garlic, ginger, a splash of rice vinegar and some sesame oil for a more complex flavor.

stir-fried zucchini, mango chunk, herbed omelet, sweet potato

raisins, whole wheat mini spinach and feta melts, carrot sticks

one of Darwin's birthday presents

Hmmm, how does this thing work?

chickpea chicken salad, pear slices

turkey-veggie meatballs, grapes, curried chickpeas, garlicky curly kale

apple slices, cinnamon/raisin/cream cheese sandwich on Ezekial toast, baked sweet potato
Darwin said (somewhat haltingly, thinking hard for the right words), "I love this cream cheese sandwich!"

turkey-veggie meatballs with marinara sauce, clementine pieces, strawberry, broiled asparagus

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