March 25, 2013

Simple Plates #12

green grapes, fresh green beans, turkey-veggie meatball, peanut butter on Ezekial toast, fresh carrots

fresh mango, roasted chicken, spinach, fresh carrots

nectarine slices, toasted whole wheat pita, herbed omelet, sauteed mushrooms

broccoli with butter, banana-berry quinoa

fresh green beans and carrots, whole plain yogurt

whole wheat pita pizza with tomatoes, feta, red onion, and kalamata olives; kale; nectarine and clementine pieces

strawberries, easy dal with chicken, avocado, radish, green salad with balsamic vinaigrette

lemony roasted cabbage, spinach skillet-quiche, baked sweet potato fries

whole wheat pita pizza with feta, dill, and kalamata olives; baked sweet potato fries; avocado

fresh carrots and green beans, toasted cheddar sandwich, avocado, strawberries

kiwi, lemony lentil soup, clementine pieces, garlicky kale
The recipe for this lemony lentil soup comes from Bint Rhoda's Kitchen, a new and lovely food blog featuring traditional Palestinian dishes.

strawberry, avocado, baked sweet potato rounds


  1. Yum! How did Darwin like the lentil soup? :) Oh, and I noticed that you left the skins on your sweet potato fries, which made me smile because I JUST finished telling my husband that he is the only person in the world who eats the skins of sweet potatoes. Apparently not. My husband (and the rest of us) would enjoy that recipe!

    1. Darwin liked the soup! We ate it for days. I'm so glad you shared the recipe. I'll post about the sweet potato fries, sure. They're so easy! :)