March 14, 2013

Simple Plates #10

crispy oven-roasted kale, raw carrot, pear chunks, Swiss cheese

garlicky curly kale, radish, toasted cheese sandwich, blackberries and fresh pineapple

roasted carrot fries with parsley, orange and nectarine pieces, avocado

avocado, blackberries, chickpeas simmered with tomatoes and rosemary
It's hard to wait while Mama takes a picture.

garlicky curly kale, steamed fresh carrots, strawberries, fresh pineapple, omelet with cheese and herbs

whole wheat penne with carrots in white bean and herb sauce
This pasta looks cheesy, but it's actually a creamy cannellini bean dip that I repurposed as a pasta sauce. Darwin loved it. If beans are a hard sell at your house, give this a try.

orange pieces, baked sweet potato, Parmesan cheese

ooo, tart!
Darwin demands lemon slices whenever he sees me working with fresh lemons in the kitchen. I sometimes give him a slice, asking, "what do we have to remember?" He replies, "don't eat the rind--eat the fruit!"

nectarine slices, garlicky bok choy, avocado, toasted cheese on Ezekial bread

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