March 20, 2013

Simple Plates #11

grilled cheddar and onion on whole wheat pita, spinach, strawberries, avocado

Mexican black beans with shredded cabbage and cilantro and hot sauce, clementine pieces
My years in San Diego taught me to love shredded cabbage with a little cilantro and lime juice as a topping on Mexican-inspired meals. Darwin is very curious about hot sauce and consented to a few drops of Cholula on his snack.

pea pods, roasted chicken with brown rice and roasted vegetables, pear slices, baked sweet potato chunks

spinach and cheese skillet-quiche, Ezekial toast, apple chunks, radish

little radish-eater

cucumber slices, baked sweet potato fries, whole wheat pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese, clementine pieces

kalamata olives, garbanzo beans, Asian spinach with onions, strawberries

blackberries, cucumbers, steamed carrots, yogurt-dill dip
This fresh, simple dip uses 1/2 cup minced fresh dill and one clove of garlic to a cup of whole plain yogurt. Add a little sea salt and black pepper to taste.

Asian spinach with onions, blackberries, peas, carrots, hummus, avocado,  baked whole wheat pitas

strawberry, clementine pieces, brown rice and roasted vegetables with roasted chicken, peas

Ezekial toast with two cheeses, sauteed curly kale, strawberries

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