February 19, 2013

Crinkle Cut Valentine

For Valentines' Day this year, Scott got me a crinkle cutter.

Only a person who truly understood the contents of my tender, foodie heart would ever buy such a gift. Thank you, favorite.

What do you do when you've just brushed the gift wrap off your new crinkle cutter and given it a little inaugural washing? Well, of course, you crinkle-cut everything in sight--carrots, zucchini, apples, celery, pears, radishes, sweet potatoes... here, kitty kitty! Just joking, Buddy.

No vegetable or fruit is safe.

crinkle-cut carrots, crinkle-cut celery, crinkle-cut apple, raw sauerkraut, 100% whole wheat pasta with Parmesan cheese
Consider yourself warned, because you're about to see a whole lot of wavy foods.


  1. I got the same crinkle cutter for Christmas! :D I haven't used it yet. I don't know what's wrong with me.

    1. Once you start, seriously, you start to crinkle cut everything! Lots of fun. Thanks for visiting. :)