February 17, 2013

Simple Plates #4

mini spinach quiche, fresh green beans and carrots, clementine sections, roasted garlicky eggplant

baked sweet potato fries, garlicky mushrooms, peanut butter apple sandwiches, green olives

turkey-veggie meatball, sauteed garlicky Tuscan kale, orange fennel soup with chickpeas, orange sections
The orange/fennel/chickpea soup above is my tweaked version of a recipe from a great cookbook called The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook, by Jack Bishop.

chickpea "chicken" salad, baked sweet potato moons

mini spinach quiche, pear slices

100% whole wheat/real cheese pasta, crispy roasted kale chips, apple chunks

peanut butter on Ezekial toast, avocado slices, garlicky mushrooms, kiwi chunks

broccoli, kale, and cheddar skillet-quiche; fresh carrots; apple chunks

broccoli with butter, blueberry-banana quinoa
Quinoa makes a delicious breakfast sweetened with a mashed banana and some frozen berries.

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