February 13, 2013

Simple Plates #3

pea pods, steamed carrots, clementine sections, fried egg, radish slices

100% whole wheat penne with Mozzarella and marinara sauce, collard greens with onions and olives, baked sweet potato

spicy black lentil dal with whole plain yogurt, nectarine slices

spinach and cheddar "skillet quiche," avocado, pear slices
This egg dish tastes a lot like a tender, freshly-baked spinach quiche. Really, it's (shhhh) just an omelet. I minced a large handful of raw spinach and whisked it with a single egg before frying. There was so much spinach in the egg that it barely spread out in the pan! But it cooked down perfectly, and I threw some sharp cheddar inside before folding it in half. Darwin left none for me.

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