February 21, 2013

Simple Plates #5

tomato-lentil stew, avocado, clemetine pieces, garlicky rappini
Darwin's usually great about greens, but he doesn't yet savor the intensity of rappini. I served him a tiny portion of mine and he took two bites, which satisfied us both.

baked sweet potato with raisins, kiwi and apple chunk, fried egg, sesame Shangai bok choy
The bok choy from this meal was amazing sauteed in a little olive oil and garlic, with a splash of soy sauce and sesame oil added at the end. Darwin took a bite and declared, "edemame!", remembering a similar flavor from a meal we had months(!) ago.

blueberries, spinach, swiss cheese, sweet potato

cold chopped spinach skillet-quiche, blueberries, avocado, natural peanut butter on Ezekial toast, carrots

hi, Mama!

spinach and cheese skillet-quiche, apple slices, sweet potato, whole wheat pita triangles

tomato and swiss melt on Ezekial toast, parmesan spinach, Kalamata olives

cottage cheese pancake, fresh green beans, kiwi
This little bento box was a snack on-the-go. Cottage cheese pancake recipe coming soon!

salmon salad, baked sweet potato, crispy roasted kale chips, apple slices

broccoli with butter, peanut butter on Ezekial bread, banana chunk, orange pieces


  1. This is great! Thanks for leaving your link on my blog! Ill add you to my blog roll! :))) oh and yams are a little more starchy then sweet potatoes. Very yummy!